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Do You Agree with Mark Cuban that Every U.S. Household Should Get $1,000 Every 2 Weeks for 2 Months?

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4 replies on “Do You Agree with Mark Cuban that Every U.S. Household Should Get $1,000 Every 2 Weeks for 2 Months?”

just more chin music for a billionaire mushmouth, trying to be relevant and putting his 2 cents in for the 2024 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION . Make sure all of the latino’s have their pesos and deniro. I hope he is going to foot the bill.

“Motor Mouth Mark” did not ask a reasonable question. A, yes or no without the phrase that one does not care about Americans losing everything would offer one the opportunity to offer a better response. But coming from Mark I’m not surprised. Screw him and the High Horse he rode in on !

I believe anything is fiscally possible

and $2000+ a month can be possibly if all monies are replaced

in our US Social Security/VA workers tax benefits account

I do not believe that our US SS/VA Retirement Tax Benefit Account

are becoming depleted at all

I believe that our US SS/VA has much as $500 to $800 Trillion benefit retirement monies

although I do believe that our US SS/VS Tax benefit account

is at the hands of corrupt political criminals who believe that they can

just TAKE whatever they $want$, anytime they want and those corrupt

political criminal must be forced to be responsible to replace all our US SS/VA Tax Benefits

and reform our US SS/VA so that our Retirement will not ever be touched

again by any corrupt politician again

❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US Elected/Reelected by Landslides

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