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Should Crazy Pelosi Be Stopped?

Trump – Biden – Pelosi – Elections 2020

6 replies on “Should Crazy Pelosi Be Stopped?”

Can’t believe some said NO…they must be radicals to.
Pelosi needs to be yanked out of her seat, she has done nothing for the American people.

She is definitely a threat to the American way. If she had her way. Every American would be her slave. Basically, a worker without pay. She needs to be taken out of office and tried for treason against American people.

She has overstepped her authority, to many times and acts like a spoiled rotten teenager, She might be a antifa soldier , for all we know. REMOVE HER ASAP, she is a P.I.T.A. demo communist, and a threat to the USA .

Nancy is crazy, not the least bit professional. Harris is a radical that will
destroy our way of life and the free we enjoy and Biden is a drunk or has
dementia that can be lead to do anything his handlers want. You democrats
really struck out this time. Sure hope you are not able to steal this election..

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