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Should Ilhan Omar Be Investigated for Ballot Harvesting?

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10 replies on “Should Ilhan Omar Be Investigated for Ballot Harvesting?”

That is the best idea I have heard in a LONG time. AND close down and disband ALL the MOOSLIME “no go areas” that have been taken over by these rabid animals, and drive them ALL out of our country.
They have NOT come to this country (with the help of FRAUD obama), to assimilate, they have INVADED to attempt to take over, and turn this country into a third-world, communist-controlled cesspool with the “help” of the democommunist “party”..Open your EYES America..The INVASION has been going on for quite a while now and “looking the other way” isn’t going to stop it.

If found guilty give her the fullest punish that can be given. She is rotten to the core and never should of been in ANY seat.

It is time to get rid of her, Talib, Pressley and please get rid of loudmouth AOC. Drive them all out of the country.

All the racist comments are not helpful and also do not make America Great Again, instead, it is America’s prestige and standing in the world community that will shamefully suffer and disrespected. To be respectful to your opponent is the KEY to MAGA and not the other way around.

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