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Will Joe Biden Actually Show Up for the First Debate?

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13 replies on “Will Joe Biden Actually Show Up for the First Debate?”

Joe’s body may show up, but will his mind? He’ll have to be nimble e,ough to dodge the softball questions he’s ,or prepared for. Personally I hope he just has a night like what he is a,d he does,t make a fool of himself. He doesn’t deserve that just because he’s the only one that has a snowballs chance in hell.

I agree. He will physically show up and that is it. I don’t like Wallace, but I think there will be at least one question to him that will be a huge stumper. Perhaps he will say C’mon Man to this and maybe more than once.

Unless biden has a “transplant” in his ears so someone can answer the “questions ” FOR HIM”, President TRUMP will bury him, as he cannot form a coherent sentence without “help” from a teleprompter.
I my opinion, He will be given “softball” questions by wallace who is an anti-TRUMP person and anyone with half a brain can predict there will be “LIBERAL” BIAS if biden even shows to “debate”.
I would suggest the utilizing of a “signal jamming” device, so “answers” from the “back room” cannot be transmitted to him. (like with FRAUD obama’s “earwigs” seen by a sharp-eyed reporter during HIS “debates”.)

Now it’s proven he is just a Con Man, Liar, and a Fraud. The wheels are all falling off all at once.
Don’t worry too much, many dolts will still vote for you, they are dumber than you are, they have drunk all the kool-aid, but Putin’s Puppet has been exposed for sure. How could anyone that pretends to care about this country defend this horrible man. He Hates, Women, LGBTQ, Gold Star families, the Fools and Suckers in the Military, (his words not mine) Blacks, Hispanics, he doesn’t really like much of anyone except himself and maybe his family. All this and he has contributed to over 200,000 deaths and counting in the country to date and says everything is ok. He is looking into taking away millions of peoples Health insurance and is actively trying to destroy social security. I heard many years ago that Russia would take over our country without firing a shot, Putin has worked the plan to a tee. We need the American people, the true patriots to Vote, and end this national nightmare.

Biden will show with ear buds in and under Alzheimer’s medications, in order to try to participate in the debate,
Lots a luck, wrong for America, corrupt Biden, and try to Remember where you are and why you are there.

I voted yes, because one think is to show up and other able to participate. No matter drugs or ear piece he will blow it.

I hope he remembers to wear pants… LOL

Thanks for the funny comment I laughed out loud but I think it would be a riot if he wandered on stage without his pants, but I think his wife will make sure he is fully dressed.

The question is; Will Joe Biden Actually Show Up for the First Debate? Answer; “BIDEN’S NOT HIDIN,

I would not be surprised if he sends his WIFE to “cover” for him.. After all she had been doing all the “campaigning” and “interviews” for him.
What a FARCE..

I voted NO but i hope he does show up so more Americans can see what a unfit person he is to run America.
Maybe he will leave his basement long enough, but will the questions be fed to him like last time?
He needs to drop out and get professional mental help.

Trump/Pence 2020

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