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Will Trump Call Biden “Sleepy Joe” During the First Debate?

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3 replies on “Will Trump Call Biden “Sleepy Joe” During the First Debate?”

I hope that the poll shows most initial reaction, like mine was… what a heck, this is a mess!
After giving it some thought, I realized that Trump had the plan to come out swinging, because is how he is, he is not playing politics, he is not there to look “presidential” and let Wallace, Biden and faux news, to roll all over him.
Biden kept saying, is a lie, is a lie, not true…. when we all have PROOF that Trump was telling the truth, about the green new deal, Hunter Biden getting China and Russia’s money, we have Biden on video GLOATING about this extortion to Ukraine (with Obama’s blessing), no support for Police, racist…..
And Wallace kept stopping Trump?
Trump won, Biden looked like an old guy, looking at the camera with an over rehearsed posture…. you at home, you at home… so, he is senile or demented, he is just as evil as the rest of the left.

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