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Was the First Presidential Debate Fairly Moderated?

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21 replies on “Was the First Presidential Debate Fairly Moderated?”

It is a well-known fact that Chris Wallace can’t stand President Trump because Trump has put him in his place a time or to, And Chris Wallace has been a Democratic voter since 1964, fair to trump “HELL NO”.
And of course he handled Biden with kid gloves he’s a corrupt Democrat. This debate was all a setup against President Trump. The corrupt slime ball democrats are at it again also with mail in ballots. Please vote in person.

I was very disappointed with the first debate. I voted for Trump in 2016, but not sure if I’m even going to vote in 2020. Did not appreciate Trump acting like a bully and interrupted as often as he did. He could have handled himself in a more mature presidential way, instead of a spoiled child wanting his way. He still could have gotten his message across when it was his turn to speak. He looked mean and angry all during the debate. He has accomplished so much to end up losing to Biden for being so arrogant. I hope second debate is More CIVIL. Thanks

It seemed like much of the time President Trump was “debating” wallace (just as he said)
In MY opinion, he was no “moderator”, and it was painfully obvious, he had HIS OWN “agenda” and was openly hostile towards President Trump (as I expected) SO I agree with John S…. “HELL NO” he was not “fair” to OUR POTUS at ALL, and never should have been allowed to participate in this debate in any way, shape, or form.

Real Americans come out by the millions in November and remove as many democrats as possible! TRUMP 2020

Chris Wallace appeared to have a bias against President Trump. As I was watching, and listening to Chris moderate, he seemed to give Biden more time, and stop trump from having a chance of rebuttal. Besides that, he couldn’t handle neither Trump, nor Biden. It was over his head.

Why would dailyopionpolls want to have to hold my response for so-called MODERATION? (They are BRAINLESS)

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From my perspective, Chris Wallace was fair to both candidates and also showed much restraint considering the uncontrollable display of aggressiveness of one candidate.

We know that Biden is a Trojan horse. The Democrats selected him because he is perceived as a moderate. However, the party is being run by the radical left. That is why Harris is on the ticket. If Biden is elected he will be out of office in 30 days. He will resign or be judged incompetent or suffer a stroke (maybe faked) or some disease (faked). This will put the radical left in charged. The riots will continue in major cities and probably move to the suburbs. The radical left is determined to undermine our current form of government and turn us into a socialist nation. This will cause many problems and possibly a civil war, especially if the 2nd amendment removed from the constitution

While Fox News “claims” to be “fair and unbiased”, Chris Wallace is the complete antithesis of that policy. Fox should IMMEDIATELY relieve him of ALL duties, and “suggest” (as strongly as possible) that he find a “new home” (that ACTUALLY wants him). CNN immediately comes to mind, although Chris DOES have “some” moral integrity!!! But “money talks, bullshit walks” is a philosophy that Fox News should use in this case and say “bye bye Mr. American Pie” and take your hate and bias with you!!!

Donald Trump showed his true side. A BIG noisy bully who believes he is the best thing EVER for America. He broke the agreed rules for the debate, time and again with interruptions. Don’t you know. Trump never loses. If, for some reason he does, he will claim the other side cheated, or that the process was rigged. He will contest the election results, even if he is declared the winner, if the winning margin wasn’t as big as he thought it should be. His person behavior is terrible.

It wasn’t that Chris Wallace gave him soft ball question, as was it, he allowed Biden get away without explaining the questions, such as, you’ll have to wait until I become President, then you’ll find out. That, to me, is no answer.

I mostly agree with the above comments. Left wing media has treated him like this since 2016, so this is not unexpected. Trump is NOT a politician, says what he thinks so you know where he is coming from. I agree he has done more for the country in his 3 plus years than Biden has done in 47 years. No one in the media ever brings up the point that Trump doesn’t take a salary yet donates it to charity.

Wallace was very unfair and it was obvious from the start he doesn’t like Trump. He should admit and NEVER be a moderator again.. Wallace, TRUMP is your president and you were very rude to him, like him or NOT, he is YOUR President too.l

We don’t need “named” moderators, just have someone read the questions asked by the “VOTERS”, we ask “SIMPLE” questions.

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